Financial Institutions

Klean’s Financial Institutions Group promotes effective operation, management and governance of financial sector-related activities worldwide. This includes working directly with state and commercial banks, regulatory agencies/institutions, and savings and credit institutions to support enhanced systems and operations in line with international best practices. Key service areas include:

  • State / Central Bank policy development and regulatory reform;
  • Banking supervision and implementation of Basel II and III;
  • Institutional and organizational development of regulatory and supervisory agencies;
  • Banking and financial sector governance;
  • Institutional development of microcredit and microfinance agencies;
  • Support to co-operatives;
  • Pension funds and insurance products; and
  • Regulation and support to non-bank financial institutions.

In addition to our own staff and associates, Klean has a formal partnership with the National Bank of Canada (, one of Canada’s leading universal banks. This strategic alliance combines the management consulting and public finance expertise of Klean with one of Canada’s leading financial institutions to deliver a complete offering of financial sector solutions worldwide. The unmatched synergies between Klean and National Bank of Canada lie in the promotion of effective operation, management and governance of financial sector-related activities globally. This partnership will enhance the consulting portfolio with state and commercial banks, regulatory agencies, savings and credit institutions, pension funds and insurance products internationally in order to help support and enhance systems and operations of these institutions with international best practices.

Founded in 1859, the National Bank of Canada (NBC) is an integrated financial group and universal bank that provides a comprehensive range of financial services to consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses, and large corporations – including banks and other financial institutions. NBC has 19,000 employees and 449 branches. With total assets of CAD 176 billion, it is well capitalized with a Core Tier One Capital Ratio under Basel III of 8% and has weathered the financial crisis, recording a Return on Equity of more than 18% in the financial periods since 2008.

As part of its international correspondent banking activity NBC has, since 1996, provided consulting services to financial institutions in countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Armenia and Saudi Arabia. Technical assistance typically takes the form of Institutional Building Programs, and consulting in areas such as corporate governance, risk management, microfinance and SME lending, treasury and capital markets operations, internal audit, strategic planning, human resources, marketing and the introduction of products and services such as mortgages and leasing. A significant feature of NBC’s consulting service is provision of Study Tours to its Montreal Head Office and its London Branch. These programs are tailor-made to cater to specific needs and interests of the clients and enable the latter to have direct contacts and interaction, by presentations, site visits and discussions, with senior management from the CEO and the Executive Board on down through the ranks of the organization. NBC’s commitment to its clients does not end with the consulting assignment; rather it forms the basis of a long-term relationship.