Social Development

The Social Development Group approaches development as a process of transformation. The focus is on closing gaps between needs, policy and implementation, capacity and performance, and civil society and government. Klean is always on the cutting edge, with innovative ideas and creative concepts that successfully deliver results in developing countries around the world. Main areas of expertise:

  • Pro-poor gender equitable policy, planning and budgeting;
  • Community-driven development;
  • Social accountability and transparency;
  • Decentralized social service delivery;
  • Civil society collaboration with decentralized local government;
  • Gender equality and mainstreaming;
  • Civil society strengthening;
  • Health sector reform;
  • Social policy;
  • Peacebuilding and post-conflict development;
  • Post-disaster monitoring and evaluation and reconstruction; and
  • Disaster preparedness and contingency planning.

The group uses a variety of approaches and methodologies such as:

  • Institutional analysis and strengthening;
  • Outcome mapping;
  • Participatory processes;
  • Stakeholder analysis;
  • Capacity gap analysis;
  • Communication flow analysis;
  • Change management; and
  • Demand-driven programming.